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Mo Ma
3 min readDec 12, 2020


As I have a background in equity investing, I like to draw comparisons between crypto projects and companies and value their coins accordingly. This approach may be WRONG.

AcryptoS “parent” project YFI has a similar approach, here an example how they report their quarterly earnings.

For the purpose of that article, I am going to assume that you are already familiar with AcryptoS.

It is an advanced crypto community for alpha seekers, offering various insights on how to gain an edge and building part of those insights into products. If you want to get a taste of it visit:

I own a stake in ACS and am seeking to be elected in the soon to be formed DAO, therefore I am referring to “we” when talking about

As always, DYOR and proceed with caution.

ACS Fee Structure & Revenues (for the snapshot period 20/12/08–20/12/09 2UTC)

Personal Note: Dilution is an as an expense every startup experiences at the beginning. New stakeholders are gained which increases the size of the community and it’s firepower, while TVL grows.

Keep in mind that the generated fees shown are just a snapshot of that specific date. Long term average yields may differ substantially.

Lets assume we cut the ACS emissions to zero, assuming no further growth and a loss of TVL:

1. 10% Withdrawal fee from ACS vault ~ 82,5 ACS

2. 4,5% Performance fee on vaults ~40,5 ACS

3. 0,5% Withdrawal fee from vaults ~ 12 ACS

Total 135ACS ~$350 =$127,750 a year. While this scenario is most likely not sustainable / wise at the current stage, it shows that we are generating some value already.

If the price of ACS were to drop, fees in ACS from performance and withdrawal would increase because proceeds are used to market buy ACS.

ACryptoS is a very young project, which bears substantial risks like Key-Person risk and unaudited smart contracts.

Its Dev didn’t just earn the respect of the whole Binance Smart Chain community, but the project has reached almost 4M TVL in just weeks, tracking to become Nr.1 Vault provider on BSC while products are still unique and offer leading risk-return profiles.

You can find me in the community at

Mo Ma

One of our community devs

made a tool to scrape all collected fees directly from the smart chain.
It can be found here
If you click on ACS Buyback or Fee Log you will see detailed daily amounts.
For the last 30days since the start of the year, we bought back an average of 550ACS a day and collected 370ACS a day from 10% withdrawal and Tx fee.

I highly recommend reading his medium articles if you are interested in learning more about our smart contracts and how to be safe in crypto. His allowance checker will help you to revoke old approvals.